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How to plan out a gourmet kitchen:

The kitchen is the heart of every home! Many of us spend most of our time in the kitchen. So why not liven up your kitchen interiors? An attractive gourmet kitchen not only looks pretty but also it reflects one’s personal expressions, tastes and attitude. So remodel your kitchen to make it beautiful, functionally more efficient and visually comforting thus making your gourmet cooking experiences all the more exciting.

If you are planning a total kitchen remodel it is advisable to seek the help of a professional space planner and a kitchen expert. Besides viewing your kitchen solely as the primary place of preparing meals, also reconsider it in terms of function; as to how easy it is to work in proximity of the refrigerator, oven, microwave, and sink. So it is necessary to keep the basic kitchen equipments at strategic locations, close enough to each other yet adequately spaced. A counter kitchen top or counter table is an important aspect of a gourmet kitchen.

If you are a gourmet cook, you need to invest handsomely on your kitchen appliances. The kitchen appliances should be of the best quality as per your budget. Go for the finest tools with sleeker designs, bright colors and of course those that serve as an alternative to stainless steel appliances. Today’s appliances are specially designed to use up the kitchen space effectively.

What have you thought about the flooring of your gourmet kitchen? Your flooring should be durable as well as attractive. Linoleum floor tiles would be a great idea. As far as colors are concerned you don’t really have to be content with the dull and muffled colors. You can choose from a large variety of colors and designs in kitchen floor tiles to suit your tastes and budget. You may be looking for bright and vibrant colors! No matter what color you choose, mix some neutral colors like gray and white along with it to give an interesting look to your gourmet kitchen floor.

The cabinets are the furniture of your kitchen. A gourmet kitchen needs decorative and attractive cabinets. To change the feel of your kitchen cabinets, use antique and glazed finish material instead of using monotonous metal finishes. This will add a sense of heritage to your kitchen. Make sure your kitchen cabinets have a lot of space so that you can store your kitchen stuffs in an organized manner.

Lighting plays an important role in your gourmet kitchen. The lights can be hidden or exposed but should provide enough illumination at your workspaces. You can variously install recessed lighting, under cabinet lighting or even use small lamps keeping in mind the brightness and sufficient visibility that is a must to work safely in the kitchen.

Make your kitchen unique and innovative by decorating it in a different way. Choose a warm color to paint your kitchen walls. You can go for brown shades, desert sands or light shades of coffee. Decorate with varieties of accessories to make your kitchen look interesting. Placing herbs like rosemary, basil and thyme on the windows will make your kitchen more attractive. Look for old copper pots and candle holders to get a warm country feeling. Last but not the least, a wine rack, stocked with wine, surrounded by wine glasses will enhance the beauty of your gourmet kitchen.

A kitchen bears the stamp of your personality. So decorate your kitchen according to your personal taste. A little planning and research will create the gourmet kitchen of your dreams where you can enjoy the pleasures of stylish and exotic gourmet cooking!


Digital Kitchen Timers: An Indispensable Kitchen Tool

Whenever you open any recipe book or a cookbook you always come across such patent terminologies as ‘cooking time’, baking time, stir for such and such minutes, fry for certain minutes or pre-heat for so many minutes and so on. So you can have an idea as to how important it is to time your cooking escapades.

If you cannot keep a track of the minutes while cooking then you are sure to end up with such cooking disasters as burning your food, undercooking/overcooking, and just making a mess of your recipes. Why? As because the timing was just not right!

Digital kitchen timers save you from such cooking tragedies in the kitchen. These digital timers help to keep a track of each second while you are engaged in tossing up an interesting recipe. You can adjust your stirring, frying, baking, pre-heating and such cooking times by setting the timer according to the requirements of the specific recipe. So with a digital timer in your kitchen you can avoid taking out a burnt cake or undercooked meat from your traditional oven or microwave!

Digital kitchen timers come in a variety of sizes and configurations. You can select one according to your cooking needs. So start tossing up those scrumptious and lip smacking dishes for your family by perfectly timing your cooking with digital kitchen timers!

With such accurate digital kitchen timers you can now bake the perfect cake, breads, or boil eggs optimally as you can manage your cooking time accurately. Most electronic digital timers display the time on a LCD screen and are fairly simple to operate with easy-to-push buttons. Different digital kitchen timers count time differently. Some count 100 minutes by seconds; others count 24 hours by minutes and so on. Some timers are provided with an inbuilt memory feature that helps you to revert back to any previous time settings.

They are variously available in magnetic or clip or stand mount styles so that you can place them at convenient locations in your kitchen. Some pocket-sized clip mount digital kitchen timers can even be clipped to your apron’s pockets. So now you can move about the house attending to other errands while you set the time for baking those ginger cookies and carry the digital timer with you. Once the cooking time is complete you will be alerted with a loud time-up beep that is a characteristic feature of most of the digital kitchen timers. Kitchen timers with a magnetic mount can be easily attached to an iron or steel surface such as on a refrigerator or the cooking range hood, etc.

You can also avail digital kitchen timers in some cute and amazing shapes other than the monotonous square/rectangular shapes such as egg shaped, hen shaped, eggplant shaped, tomato shaped, apple shaped, clock shaped, can/bottle shaped and many more such interesting shapes to complement and accentuate your kitchen décor! Digital kitchen timers are also available in metal or plastic finishes. There are also double and triple digital timers that help you to time two or three cooking activities simultaneously at a time. So with such digital multi-timers you can organize your various cooking expeditions in a faster, and hassle free manner and can serve perfectly cooked and great tasting meals at the right time! _______________________________________________________

kitchen cabinets, kitchen drawers and cabinet hardware for kitchen

Cabinets are no longer for just food storage; they're the cornerstone of your kitchen's style. Each style has a variety of door, wood, frame and finish options. The pricing can tremendously range because cabinets can be semi-custom or fully-custom, with numerous of options. Roll-out and tilt out drawers are two examples of popular and useful details that make great cabinets stand out from just being ordinary. Not to mention stainless steel cabinets, self-closing drawers and customized cabinet storage options

Once you start making decisions toward the types of cabinets and drawers you need, it's important to keep in mind that this façade of the must tie in to your countertops as well as floor. The highest quality and most expensive option is solid wood cabinets. Among your choices are hickory, walnut, and cherry--each can bring an unique warmth, look and style to your kitchen. Then, you need to think about "framed" vs. "frameless". Framed kitchen cabinets are like the picture to the left and the above picture. These provide a classic look, where as you'll notice in the pictures below, frameless kitchen cabinets add a sleek, modern look to your kitchen remodel.

Another very popular route are European kitchen cabinets. These add a distinct style and unique functionality almost verging on artful. These move far beyond the traditional kitchen cabinets to bring a look and feel that is well complemented by modern materials or contrasted by traditional. Naturally, imported European kitchen cabinets are very expensive but are perfect for the ultra modern tastes.
For a more affordable option, amazing progress has been made in veneered plywood and standard veneer. Coming in all wood styles, this cost-effective cabinet option bring the look and feel of solid wood to your kitchen on a budget.

Kitchen drawer options are limitless. From style to functionality this is another area where you should examine all of your current kitchen usages. Think about what frustrates you with your current kitchen. What would you like to have organized better? What is out of your reach in your kitchen? Kitchen drawers can answer these questions and resolve your most perplexing storage issues. As far as drawer options go, the way they are opened assembled and how much storage capacity are flexible. An experienced contractor will be able to assess your needs and come up with the perfect drawers and cabinets for your kitchen.

Finishes range from sprayed lacquer, to a catalyzed conversion varnish. Other than liquid finish, PVC fiberboard, vinyl and thermofoil plastic can be used as durable drawer treatments. Most expensive cabinet interiors are covered with plastic laminates, the same as countertops. High-density laminates give super protection to the wood and are easy to keep clean. The bottom line is that there are many finishes and it can be confusing to select the right one. It is important to consult a professional in order to find out what kind of finish is right for your particular cabinet.

So you've decided upon kitchen cabinet style, framed cabinets or frameless cabinets, traditional or European kitchen cabinets, then kitchen drawers and the functionality of that-and you think you're finished?! Well, there's one little but critical item you might have overlooked

Cabinet Hardware. As much as there has been progress in types and styles of kitchen cabinets and materials, there has been possibly even more progress made in cabinet hardware. Ranging from pulls to hinges and as a "catch all" description for anything that isn't quite a cabinet or a drawer-cabinet hardware has become big business. Designed in every type of metal imaginable, cabinet hinges are designed to accent your kitchen cabinet selections-even if accenting means they're invisible externally. Then there are pulls. Featuring designs in glass, river rock or almost any type of metal fashioning imaginable, these are truly created to be the critical final touch to any kitchen. There are many manufacturers that specialize in cabinet hardware specifically, so again, research, shop around and get the advice of your contractor. A full kitchen remodel necessitates a great accenting cabinet hardware.

From-Mr.Usman Sheikh


Home &Interiors
With the Indian interior design industry booming, consumers are spoiled for choice in the array of products and services available, and now home decor is more enjoyable today than it ever was. Your home is what you are, or what you hope to become. As our lifestyles get increasingly frenetic and fast paced our home is where we retreat for spiritual succor. Today, there's an amazing range of products related to home interiors, designed to turn your home into a warm, evocative haven and, at the same time, allow you to make a personal lifestyle statement.
LIVING ROOMS: Quite often, our living rooms resemble us; jaded with exertion and struggling with the same look that worked 15 years ago that can now be comfortably classified as retro by the more charitable. An image makeover is definitely in order. To make your living room go from mmm to wow, you don't often need major architectural renovations. Just some clever manipulation with accessories, home furnishings and furniture.

Living rooms are the showpieces of the entire house. To make them more alive and cheery, accessories become important. Paintings, curios, crystals, wall hangings, knicknacks and collectibles all spark conversations about their origin. In recent months, a host of artful stores have sprung up specializing in interiors and accessories.

Make sure that all your accessories are properly illuminated. Crystal looks superb when lit from above, while downlights can add dramatic shadows to textured surfaces or plants. Use table lamps with small footprints, near seating areas, and pedestal lamps at strategic points, as their height can be visually obstructive. 

One should clearly define the focal point of the room. It could be a TV /home theatre, a painting or some antique furniture. Too many focal points disrupt the harmony of the space, so make sure that your seating revolves only around one or two of them. It's easy to discover the focal point of a room--it's the one thing that attracts your eye at first glance. Build your furniture arrangement around this. Experiment with colours and textures, and don't stick to the same look for years just because it works. Like us, our spaces need to grow, change and reinvent themselves. One way to do this is by choosing the right colours when painting the house.

If it subtly matches the accessories, upholstery and lighting, it can have a dramatic effect on the overall look of the interiors. In fact, the colour scheme of a room is arguably the most vital element in establishing its mood.

BEDROOMS: Bedrooms are personal sanctuaries, and their design should ideally usher in a feeling of tranquillity and spiritual calm. While designing bedrooms, soft furnishings play a critical part in determining the aesthetics. The bedroom is where you run riot with your fantasies, so long as they don't interfere with your rest, that is this room's key function. In this day of TV dinners in bed and weekends spent almost wholly there, bedrooms also host the dual function of being spaces for entertainment and leisure.

Bedroom essentials - A good-quality mattress that provides adequate lumbar support. It's a myth that people with bad backs should sleep on hard surfaces, a mattress that supports the whole back without sinking in is just right. Invest in a good brand--it's very important for your health, the steeper prices are far more preferable than physiotherapy.

Accessorise with comforters, pillows and cushions in colours that are soothing--blue and white are perennial favourites. Checks and prints, if used indiscriminately can cause visual clutter, so be careful while indulging yourself. Use soft cotton bedsheets to add to the sensuous appeal. Those fantasy silk ones are not something you'd like to have on all the time, so be practical.

Ceiling fans are another long-neglected area that is getting a major makeover, thanks to companies trying their hands at innovation. They have realised that fans are now part of the overall home decor and their new ranges reflect this with the emphasis on fashion and lifestyle rather than a strictly functional role. The more flamboyant ones can choose from ranges that have all bells and whistles (in this case hangings and lights). All in all a great way to bring in a fresh breath of air into the room

From--Mr.Ramesh Patankar

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