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Mumbai is a very large metropolis of modern India. Also Mumbai is Business Hub of India and also busiest & biggest port in India. People fall in with this beautiful city. People like to visit Mumbai and enjoy the colourful material world here, at least once in a life time. Most large business houses have their offices in this Mumbai city. Everyone comes here to make money, Mumbai is called the financial capital of India: the stock exchange is the primary stock exchange of the country.

The life in Mumbai is not at all a monotonous one. It always oscilates like a pendulum between two extreme standards of living. it is lavish, luxuries, glamourous, extravagant and at the same time poor, hopeless and filthy as well. In reality the glamours of Mumbai is deceptive and delirious. Truly Mumbai has beauty and glory of its own. It is matchless and everlasting it is beyond words and imagination
This port city (India's largest and busiest) accounts for a major share of the government's revenue, and has one of the world's largest harbour. In a recent survey of cities compiled, Mumbai is the fifth most expensive city in the world. 40% of this island city consists of reclaimed land from the sea.
This mega cosmopolitan city is a city of contrasts. The deceptively calm sea, its beaches and fishing boats, give lie to a city, which is bursting at its seams with population, pollution and space.

Due to the 8 to 10 lakh vehicles on the roads , Mumbai is over 60% of air polluted city

Mumbai lies on India's west coast in the state of Maharashtra facing the Arabian sea. The city occupies an area of 440 sq km. One fourth of the city lies below sea level. The city is covered by two ridges of low hills on Colaba's east and west forming a barrier of sorts from the open sea

.The other ridge ends up at Malabar Hill 180ft above sea level, which is also Mumbai's highest point. In between these two ridges directly north of Colaba lies the bustling area of fort.
Besides being the financial & commercial capital, it has one of the largest cotton textile industries in the country. The biggest & busiest port in India. It has the largest source of oil and natural Gas. The largest stock exchange in India, and third largest exchange in the world! Mumbai is also the capital of India's Pharmaceutical Trade and Industry The city is a transit point- manufactured medicines come into the city from all over India and are stored in what are called central depots from where they are redistributed all over the country. Many multinationals & mega corporate head offices are located here, and the largest motion picture Industry in the world is here!
The city is home to India's Hindi film and television industry, known as Bollywood with its largest studios and movie production houses. With the Bollywood industry Mumbai is primary center for the arts and the entertainment industry in India. It is the city of gold, of dreams.
This Bollywood industry is the other major employer in Mumbai. Most of India's major television , major publishing houses and film industries are headquartered in Mumbai

Formerly known as Bombay. Mumbai is 7 islands Groups at western coast of India. Now one mass City by land reclamation.
The seven islands were inhabited by different fishing called kolis. They were the traditional habitant of these islands since ancient period. The koli communities are still there in Mumbai, spread over different koliwada. Sion koliwada, Thane Koliwada, versova koliwada,khar Danda, Mahim koliwada are the prominent and popular amongst them. The seven islands namely colaba,smaller colaba, worli, parel, Mazgaon and mahim
Among the seven islands,colaba, Mazgaon and mahim were comparatively large and prominent. Mahim was the only island where trade and business activities flourished in the historic period mahim

The name Mumbai , however, is derived from the Mumbai Devi, the patron goddness of the kolis, the main habited community of the islands. The kolis called her Mumbai Aai {Mother Mumba}. From this word came mumbayin .But the british started calling these islands as Bombay. The name renamed in practice till recent years. But, now it has been changed to the original name Mumbai. The temple of goddness Mumba Devi is still there in mumbai. The temple is popularly known as mumba devi area.
People of various caste, culture, and religion inhabit the city, and due to this diversification the customs, languages, and even the food is of infinite variety. The language spoken here is Hindi & Hinglish which is street speak and slang a mixture of Hindi & English. The official state language though is Marathi. The city is multi religious, multi cultural, multilingual
The city is known for creating wealth, from the busy business tycoons to the beggars in the street everyone gets his share of the pie. 40% of India's GNP, is generated from this city. Its port handles 50% of the country's foreign trade. 40% of India's textile industry, and its citizens pay 1/3 of India's Income tax!
Majorities of the people here are Hindus, followed by Muslims, Parsis, & Christians. The city has a growing population of 15 million. Due to the high level of congestion, population has grown in the suburbs and in Navi Mumbai particularly The city attracts a large number of migrants from the state and other parts of the country, specially from rural states

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Mumbai is home to two of India's important research institutions – The Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), and the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC).

Warm & Humid. Cool between Nov to Feb. Average temperature is between 18°.C to 29° C. Lowest is 7° C. Rainfall during June to Aug. Average annual rainfall is about 2200 mm. Rests of the months are hot, humid & sticky where the temperature averages from 27°C to 33°C. Highest are 42°C. Average annual humidity is 90%
People of Mumbai is called a Mumbaikar..
Mumbai is classified as a metropolis of India, under the jurisdiction of the Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation. It consists of two distinct regions — the city and the suburbs,
The city is administered by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) (formerly the Bombay Municipal Corporation), with executive power vested in the Municipal Commissioner
The Traffic Police is a semi-autonomous body under the Mumbai Police.
The Mumbai Police is headed by a Police Commissioner. The Mumbai Police comes under the state Home Ministry. The city is divided into seven police zones and seventeen traffic police zones, each headed by a Deputy Commissioner of Police.
BEST buses form an integral part of the city's transport system.
The backbone of the city's transport, the Mumbai Suburban Railway, is composed of three separate networks running the length of the city, in a north-south direction
Mumbai’s Most popular sport is “Gully cricket” This cricket normally played on Sunday, holydays or Mumbai bundh. Cricket played in the maidans but gully cricket played in narrow lanes in city with tennis ball.

The buildings here are of British era and built in Gothic style. The two main stations VT (now known as CST) and Churchgate, the India Government Mint, the Reserve Bank, the General Post Office, the Bombay Stock Exchange, the Tourist office, private offices, banks etc.are all located here. At the southern end is also Nariman Point, the land was reclaimed from the sea to house the modern business center of Mumbai. Considered by many as "Manhattan" it has many high rise office buildings. To the north of the city are the two Airports, the International, the other Domestic. Mumbai's island location has constrained its ability to spread and grow over a wide area. Consequently high rise skyscrapers dominated the skyline until the city reached a saturated point. The idea of a twin city was mooted by the town planners. New Bombay lies to the north east of Bombay and covers an area of 345 sq km

A lot has been said and written about Mumbai in different ways in different media. However,the life of Mumbai is still a mystery for every one. In reality th city is a magic city, where dreams are sown and grown. There are dreams merchands too, crop them ruthlessly. Mumbai gas so many faces and facets. In reality, you see Mumbai as you dream about it. It is beautiful and ugly and painful, mystic and superficial. Still the city attracts any one and every one.

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